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Dane during the Quiksilver Pro France!


Dane during the Quiksilver Pro France!

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Anonymous said: Si hablo ingles haha, but I thought it would be more reasonable to type it all en español. I haven't used MSN in years but I have AIM and Trillian... I can add you if you type out your s/n. Y mi skype es mas para gente que conozco personalmente. Pero, if you don't have the former two then you can type your skype username and I'll look you up. Sorry to be all secretive, just kind of timid.

Hola my Anon!! Lo siento por no mensajería antes. Estoy harto. Jaja it definitely does make sense.. Pero mi español no es suficiente para traducir. Todavía estoy aprendiendo. I don’t know what Trillian is and I don’t use AIM. Mi skype u/n es ‘Mewesakk’. I am just as reserved about giving out personal information to strangers too, don’t worry, I’m in no way offended. If you’d like to add me feel free. I don’t bite I promise! :D

What is your primary / first language btw? Is it English?

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Ford Archbold
ph Tom Carey

Ford Archbold

ph Tom Carey

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